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Written by Syeda Aimen Batool, a Full Stack JavaScript developer.
Playing around ReactJS ecosystem.

An intro to Redux and how state is updated in a Redux application

May 07, 2019 ☕️️️️️️️☕️8 min read

An introduction to Redux and state management

How Mozilla takes care of Firefox’s health — and what you can learn from it

January 25, 2019 ☕️️️️️️️☕️5 min read

A guide to Mozilla's Firefox's health dashboard

How I’m working to overcome my struggles as a junior developer

January 10, 2019 ☕️️️️️️️☕️11 min read

Sharing my journey as a junior developer and the lesson learned

How I got remote paid internship with Mozilla through Outreachy

December 05, 2018 ☕️️️️️️️☕️14 min read

After a year of struggle I won Outreachy internship with Mozilla